JOY Journal

Feeling resolute?

Tis’ the season of which we dream big, set out with true intentions and great ambition to forge positive change in our lives, our contribution to the whole and the way we show up in the Universe.

What if the key to a strong foundation, great success and permanent change was directly connected to or even equal to our JOY?

What if rather than creating a calendar full of commitments, a laundry list of wants and needs, or do’s and don’ts we become present with our JOY?

We know that gratitude is the key to abundance, what if JOY is the key to successful endeavors, greater health and happiness?

What if, much like the concept of keeping a gratitude journal and consciously becoming adept at acknowledging our blessings, we applied this philosophy to JOY?

Have you ever gone after big white fluffy snowflakes with your tongue out?

Or perhaps skipped through a frenzy of freshly blown bubbles attempting to pop

How about experiencing a sweet smile from your grandparent, roaring laughter from a child, the cutest little bunny nibbling on some clover, a falling star, a galloping horse, crisp colored leaves on a warm autumn day, the smell of freshly baked cookies, a pet eagerly watching you walk up the drive after a long day at work.

What if each day we took stock of the tiny moments of joy and started collecting them in our pockets to review at the end of each day. What if we took that joy to bed with us every evening and awakened to it each morning. What if we became so filled with joy that the overflow saturated everything around us.

This isn’t one of those love and light posts, peddling the idea that our perceived negative emotions are bad, wrong, or unnecessary. On the contrary. Maybe when our face is marred and we’re down on the ground, our joy comes from a helping hand or the realization that we persevered. Maybe it takes a day or two or fifty years to discover our JOY.

What if we made one resolution. The resolution of all resolutions. The foundation of all things (aside from love that is). What if we resolve to acknowledge our joy. What if we just give it a seat at the table and see where the conversation takes us, or maybe we’ll be so busy smiling, there is no need for an exchange of words and we sit together with JOY at the table having the best meal of our lives.

The journey continues, another year comes to an end, a fresh one begins and a new theme emerges.

Wishing a JOYous New Year to YOU.

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