Empty the Jar

While traveling north, these beautiful green acorns sprinkled the ground and their appearance brought a warm feeling of joy and a smile to my heart. My mother helped me gather enough to fill a small jar. Like an excited little girl I took them home, placed them in the jar and put the jar on a shelf in the kitchen where they could be seen and enjoyed daily.

Alas, no longer did they stay green, but turned brown and weren’t as pleasing to the eye but none the same I enjoyed having them there. One day I noticed a bit of condensation on the inside of the jar so I dumped them out to wipe the jar clean.

Low and behold one of the acorns had sprouted, all on its own. An entire jar of acorns and only one had sprouted. I had birthed a baby oak without even knowing it. I suppose had I left the jar alone, it may have have continued to grown right on out of the jar, but had I not emptied the jar, the little acorn may not have had the chance to grow branches and leaves and have sunlight on its face.

The unconscious acts offer some of the most beautiful gifts. Following our joy, resting in faith and leading from the heart will allow us to plant and sow seeds we never would have imagined. No seeking, no pushing, no pulling. Just being, allowing, surrendering and showing up.

The oak is a symbol of strength; a stable foundation with far reaching roots and copious amounts of acorns to share.

Empty the jar.

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