A Mother, Grandmother, Contemporary Shaman, Medicine Woman, Student of Life, Dreamer, Lover of Nature, Songstress, Natural Born Healer, Visionary Soul.

Tammy holds the vision of birthing a new earth. A place where peace, joy, harmony, and love are embodied, thriving, and dominating our lives.

As a natural born healer and medicine woman she graciously offers herself to the Divine to serve humanity and anchor in the light. Creating balance between the feminine and the masculine, diving deep to forge a new paradigm, one in which humanity returns to their roots and brings harmony to all things.

When sitting with Tammy you can expect to be held and supported. She takes a nonjudgmental approach and seeks to help others heal even their deepest wounds. Bringing awareness to cycles and patterns for both the individual and the ancestral lineage. As a bridge between the spirit world and the physical world she has embodied the frequency of purification and serves in a manner that can transmute even the heaviest of energies to bring things back to their pure Divine state.

If you are ready to transform, heal and commit fully to your own Divine Sacred Heart, she is here, ready to hold your hand, hold you accountable, and be your biggest cheerleader, one step at a time!

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