As a Shaman I am truly honored and humbled to hold space for others to awaken into their true Divine Essence. Facilitating healing on a cellular level encompassing the mind, body, and spirit. Diving deep to uncover, excavate and retrieve parts of the soul.

Welcome to this space, I am honored and pleased to share my story.

At age forty four, as a single mother of three living children, I woke up one morning and realized that there was something missing from my life. Happiness and true joy. It felt like a hole in my chest where everything fell in without truly landing firmly into the foundation of my soul, just floating about into the abyss of some strange void or darkness that I wasn’t able to embrace. In that moment, I decided that no matter what, I was going to do whatever it took to find happiness. I started with the usual, increasing my workouts, running, yoga, meditating, massage, acupuncture, eating better. I gave up alcohol and casual dating and began to turn my focus inward, which then ensued a wild journey of the soul. A vision quest of which I have continued to be on ever since. At one point, I left my job, sold my home, left my children and proceeded to live nomadically or what I lovingly refer to as “home free.” I have since, returned to my home state of Michigan, grounding down and creating a firm foundation, near my family. Through Divine grace, I have surrendered into Divine service.

As a result of my travels and adventures I have gone to all of the deep dark places within my soul that have lead me to my calling on this earth. A remembrance of my inner Shaman and Medicine Woman. A story teller, songstress, traveler and lover of nature.

Through my own traumas, experiences and remembrances I have gleaned a tremendous amount of wealth that I choose to call wisdom and I am eager to share with all of those that are also seeking an inner sense of freedom, joy and discovery.

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