Transitional Support

I am thrilled to be adding this new offering to my repertoire. Making changes and moving through major transition in your life can be overwhelming and emotional. Sometimes the sheer thought of having to purge, let go, organize or start over can be paralyzing. What if there was a person that has extensive experience with transition that can sit with you in all of the joy, sorrow, excitement, and overwhelm of transition and make it bearable and easier to manage? At times, we just need someone to point us in the direction of where to begin.

Whether you are leaving your home behind to begin something new such as a life on the road, or maybe volunteering on an eco farm, moving to a completely new home, or just needing to bring some organization and a freshness to your current space.

Not only have I moved many, many times in my life, including purging all of my possessions down to only a few suitcases on more than one occasion, I have also lived nomadically for several years, and I have helped numerous others do the same. I have a keen sense of how to pack, organize, purge, live minimally, and maintain the ability to hold space and hold your hand as you embark on new beginnings. I will roll up my sleeves and jump right in with you.

If this is a service that you are interested in, please book a clarity call to discuss your unique situation and pricing as each case is so individual this discussion will give me the information necessary to curate a package that is meant exclusively for you.

I look forward to walking this journey with you soon.

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