Birthed from my adoration of the natural world I am excited to introduce to you nature inspired products curated especially for the purpose of bringing the healing and wisdom of the forest to your ritual and ceremony.


I’m so excited to offer this spring delight. Introducing violet water facial toner. Created with hand picked (by yours truly) wild violets (violet, blue, white and gold) representative of royalty, purity and Divinity. What a blessing to find all of these different varieties while spending a few hours playing in the forest. Carefully harvested from different patches throughout the forest, infused with distilled water and mixed with 100% witch hazel and a few drops of Young Living Lavender essential oil to add a lovely, calming scent to this refreshing facial mist. I recommend giving your face a mist before bed to awaken refreshed, hydrated and purified, but you can use anytime you desire to feel refreshed and calm. You could even use it as a room spray. Send inquiries to on how to acquire your very own 4oz. mist bottle (while supplies last). $12.00 for local pick up, $5.00 more for shipping.

Violet water facial toner is sold out for the season. Please check back next spring.

Winter Blend

Bathing is an ancient healing and cleansing ritual that spans throughout the world and in all cultures. Whether you are healing your body, preparing for a special journey or purging things you are ready to let go, bathing in salts, minerals and plant essences is a soothing and nourishing way to care for yourself.

This bath tea is filled with love, freshly harvested white pine needles from fell pine of the forest, 100% natural colloidal oatmeal, Eden’s Garden pine essential oil and epsom salt. Perfect for hydrating and nourishing winter skin while accessing the grounding and wisdom of the spirit of the pine tree. Allow her to wrap you in softness and bring you the feeling of safety and comfort that the hibernation of winter offers. Available NOW at Motor City Float in Clawson (winter 2023).

Heart Blend

This limited edition bath tea is filled with LOVE, whole rosebuds from Morocco, pink himalayan salt, freshly harvested fell cedar, rosewood essential oil (heart opener), honey. Rosewood is currently on restriction due to deforestation. It is important to me to create ethically sourced products. I was fortunate enough (thank you Universe) to find a bottle of rosewood essential oil which is mostly no longer in production, so this particular blend will only be available until that bottle is gone!! The fresh cedar was foraged by yours truly from the forest and comes from fell cedar branches. May this blend wrap you in the arms of the Divine Mother, heal, strengthen and open your heart. Available at Motor City Float in Clawson, Valentine’s Day 2023!

Wound Healing Blend

The base of this bath tea is 100% colloidal oatmeal, dried lavender buds, cypress essential oil from Eden’s Garden and freshly trimmed cypress needles from my very own tree that has agreed to grow and work in partnership with me to share healing with others. The blend in this photo also has epsom salt and whole rosebuds from Morocco however any and all additions beyond the base blend will be intuitively created for its intended recipient. Whether your wound is physical or emotional this blend is for you.

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